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The Heartland Center for Spirituality team will be providing a three-year process of instruction, support and ongoing discernment for SpiritLife participants who feel called to the ministry of spiritual direction.

Requirements for Participation

- Note: we are no longer accepting new applications for the spiritual director formation training program.

  1. Participant must sense a call to journey with people in spiritual direction, and must be willing to engage in ongoing discernment as to the authenticity of this call.
  2. Letter of recommendation from participant's pastor or spiritual director.

Formation Process

  1. SpiritLife core curriculum.
  2. Spiritual direction formation sessions held during on-site class days, and online as well.
  3. Supervision / peer group (3rd year), including four individual supervision sessions and four practicum workshops.
    Practicum workshops currently scheduled are as follows:
    a. For group beginning in Fall 2013 and completing in April 2015: September 26, 2015; October 23-24. 2015; Januray 16, 2016; April 29-30, 2016.
    - Year 3 participation will be co-discerned by Heartland Team and participant's spiritual director.
  4. Personal discipline of prayer with accountability to God through spiritual direction (10 sessions per year).
  5. Annual retreat of your choice.

Requirements for Completion

  1. SpiritLife core curriculum.
  2. Spiritual director formation process described above.
  3. Recommended for completion by spiritual director and SpiritLife instructors.
  4. Attend annual retreat of your choice to deepen your spiritual growth.


  1. $100 per semester for years one and two.
  2. $350 total for the four Year 3 practicum week-ends.
  3. Books and materials (approx. $35 per year).
  4. Fees for spiritual direction and Year 3 individual supervision sessions (approx. $45 per session).
  5. Annual retreat expense.

Participants completing this formation process will receive a certificate of completion from Heartland Center for Spirituality.