Online Book Studies

Jesus Alive in our Lives

Facilitated by Philip St. Romain
Dates:  Thursdays April 15, 22, 29 May 6, 13
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 Central via Zoom
Fee:  $25.00

Deepen your faith and experience the risen Christ this Easter season by using this resource to reflect with others on the meaning of the resurrection in your life.

Registrants will receive a PDF copy of this book with options to purchase the paperback and a breakdown of chapters for reading and discussion each week.  Zoom links will be sent weekly to participants.


Part One: The Meaning of the Resurrection
1. The Witness of the Church
2. The New Life in Christ
3. The Incarnation:  God is With Us
4: When Good Things Happen to Bad People
5:  Courage to Live
6: Meaning in Life and History

Part Two: Encountering the Risen Christ
1/2. The Personal/Historical Christ
3/4. Christian Community
5/6. Sacramental Encounters
7/8. The Cosmic Christ

Part Three: The Gift of the Spirit
1. Overview of Presentations
2. Jesus’ Teaching on the Holy Spirit
3. The Coming of the Spirit
4. Transformative Gifts
5. Charismatic (Ministry) Gifts
6. The Gift of Tongues (Glossalalia)
7. The Holy Spirit and Christian Theology
8. The Fruits of the Spirit

To register for the study use the form below.  You will be sent an e-mail with details after your registration is complete.  Please note you bank/credit card statement will reflect the charge to Dominican Sisters of Peace.