Personal Retreats

Heartland Center Retreats

A retreat at Heartland Center for Spirituality offers you a place of quiet, a prayer space and the opportunity to reflect and deepen your personal relationship with God. You will enjoy the opportunities to:

  • Withdraw from society to a quiet place for prayer, study, reflection and meditation.
  • Enjoy a special time of solitude and silence to foster spiritual refreshment, renewal and growth.
  • Reflect  in nature while strolling through the gardens, sitting by the pond, visiting our outdoor stations of the cross or sitting in silence in the many sacred places on our spacious grounds.




*A private suite includes a bedroom, sitting room & private bath. An individual room shares a sitting area and bathroom 

A Day Away – $40.00

  • Room: Private lounge area for the day
    *Bedroom available for the day to take a nap for an additional $15
  • Meal Included: Lunch


The Overnight – $85.00

  • Room: Private Suite – one night
  • Meals Included: Lunch, Supper and Breakfast
*$70.00 for an individual room


Three-Day Retreat – $170.00

  • Room: Private Suite – two nights
  • Meals Included: Lunch (2), Supper (2) and Breakfast (2)
*$140.00 for an individual room


Five-Day Retreat – $340.00

  • Room: Private Suite – four nights
  • Meals Included: Lunch (4), Supper (4) and Breakfast (4)
*280.00 for an individual room

*Spiritual Direction may be added to the above retreat packages (see pricing below)

Personalize your retreat to meet your needs

We offer guests the opportunity to personalize your retreat to nurture your body, mind and spirit and to meet your own needs for spiritual renewal, refreshment and growth.  You can add to the above retreat packages or personalize your own stay at our Spiritual Oasis!

Private Suite                      $55

Individual Room                $40

Breakfast                            $8

Lunch                                  $12

Supper                                 $10

Brunch (Sun. Only)            $10

Spiritual Direction             $50/hr.

To check for availability and make reservations, contact the Center: 620-792-1232.


Additional Amenities


Veterans Memorial Park  

Within walking distance you will have access to Veterans Memorial Lake and the walking and fitness trail.