At-Home Retreat

An at-home retreat could offer a welcomed reprieve from the worry, anxiety and fear this COVID-19 crisis has called.  See the helpful suggestions below to spend some quality time with God.

A retreat is a time to spend with God away from the ordinary activities of our life.


1) Schedule your time 36 – 48 hours (even 24 hours would be great).  Tell your friends and family that you will be busy.  Make this a scared time for yourself.
2) Make sure to schedule time for prayer, rest, walks, reading, spending time with God in silence and in nature during your retreat time.  Be gentle with your schedule, listen to your own needs and do what feels right for you.
3) Plan ahead for your meals – eat healthy but leave room for a little indulgence or two.
4) Disconnect – Turn off your phone and don’t check your e-mails.  Limit your time on social media, and maybe plan to watch an inspirational movie.
5) Find a good inspirational book to use.  Some suggestions are Ignation Exercises, Robert Wicks, Thich Nhat Hahn, and many others.
6) Spend time with the Word of God.  Use a search engine to find helpful verses for things you are struggling with.
7) Take some time to journal.  Reflect on your thoughts and feelings you are experiencing.  What you are learning about yourself.  Things you are grateful for. Your prayer intentions.
8) Ask a trusted friend that can help you feel close to spiritually to pray for you.  You could even schedule a phone call or video chat to get support and encouragement from them during your time of retreat.


Be gentle with yourself, listen with the ear of your heart where you are being led and enjoy your time with Christ.