Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is different from reading the Bible for study or analysis.  Rather the passage is read as the living Word of God, through which he can speak into your heart.  It is a process of reading, reflecting, responding and resting in a piece of scripture.  It is a way to engage God in a conversation and listen for His words to you.

Step #1 Read (lectio) Read a verse of scripture slowly, listening with the “ear of the heart.”

  • Is there a word or phrase that begins to stand out to you?
  • The word or phrase that grabs your heart may not be the main idea of the passage.  Listen and be open to how God wants to use his Word to speak to your heart.
  • Begin to repeat that word or phrase over and over slowly, soaking your heart in the words.

Step #2 Reflect (meditatio) Reflect and meditate on the words you heard in the Scripture passage, attentive to what speaks to your heart.

  • Sit in the silence and allow God the space to speak to you as you turn the words over in your mind.
  • Ponder what these words mean for your life.
  • What hope or encouragement do these words bring to you?
  • What next step do you feel God asking you to take?

Step #3 Respond (oratio) Respond in prayer to what you heard from God and how the words spoke to your heart.

  • Offer up a prayer of praise, thanksgiving, or petition, depending on how your’re moved.
  • Continue turning your word or phrase over and over in your mind.
  • Share your heart with God in prayer, responding to his Word.

Step #4 Rest (contemplatio) Rest in God and contemplate his words for you life.  Sit in the silence and just “be” with God for a few minutes. Open your heart to God’s presence and allow His words to permeate your soul.

  • You may want to journal your experience so you can see how God is moving in your life.
  • Record the verse you used and what you heard God speak to your heart.
  • Write down how those words apply to your life and how is God calling you to action in response.