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Gratitude on the Journey

Saturday November 18 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Presenters: Jeff Koch and Keith Funk

Retreat: $50 (includes lunch on Saturday)
Zoom: $40

Grace is everything God does for you, even though you don’t deserve it. Grace is God giving you what you need, not what you deserve. Our hearts should explode with gratitude when we recognize the power and grace God has in your life.

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Advent Retreat

Saturday December 2, 2023
Patience, People, till the Lord is Come.
9:00 a.m. – Noon CST

Presenters: Sr Francine Schwarzenberger

Fee: $35 (on-site or via Zoom)
Lunch available for $10

“Patience, People, till the Lord is come.” In a world of frenetic busyness, it is with a patient spirit that we recognize God’s coming is always present; we are invited to wait and watch in every season of our lives. The refrain (quoted above) from a well-known Advent hymn will focus our attention on this retreat day.

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Personal Days of Silence

Anytime during Advent or Lent
Fee: $45

This day will be a personal day of silence with a self-guided reflection using readings for Advent or Lent. A room and lunch will be provided for your comfort during the day. Contact Ann Axman or Brenda Black 620-792-1232 tp set up a time during Advent or Lent to quiet yourself and spend time with God.


Learning from God’s Sweetness

Friday February 9 6:30 pm – Saturday February 10 3:00 pm
Presenters: Marcia Berchek and Nancy Modin

Commuter: $70 (includes lunch on Saturday)
Overnight: $110 (includes room on Friday, Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday)
Saturday Only in person: $50

Many of us have forgotten how to experience the sweetness of God. The sweet nectar of his work that keeps us going when life crumbles around us. The sweetness of God is the energy that empowers us to endure hardships. By experiencing sweetness through chocolate we will be made aware of:

  • Knowing God is knowing his sweetness
  • Being loved by God means being enveloped by his sweetness
  • Living in the Spirit is about enjoying the sweetness of God.

Friday evening will begin with a Taizé prayer service in the chapel, followed by a social with wine and chocolate pairings.

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Lenten Retreat

Saturday March 2, 2024
Lenten Check -in
9:00 am – 3 pm

Presenters: Fr. Reggie Urban

More information regarding our next Lenten Retreat will be coming soon!

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Scripture Writing

Saturday May 4 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Presenters: Ruth Bealer, Phil St. Romain, Sr. Francine Schwarzenberger

Retreat: $50 (includes lunch on Saturday)
Zoom: $40


This program will provide participants with a method to use Bible Verses as a bast to work through emotions, struggles, ideas and road block. You don’t need to be able to quote Scripture, or even be able to look it up – we will do that for you. You don’t have to love writing, or even have experience in writing. The presenters will guide you in gentle and user friendly exercises that will unlock Scripture for your personal and unique needs.

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