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At Heartland Center we offer a setting where you can experience hospitality, serenity, and personal growth. We can provide:

  • Personal Retreats of varying lengths
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Hosting for groups both large and small
  • Presenter for lecture, workshop or group retreat.

Event Hosting

Is your group interested in sponsoring one of the following events?

  • spiritual enrichment
  • education
  • staff development

Heartland Center has facilities and services to meet your needs!

Because the Center is open seven days a week, year round, we can accommodate events lasting several hours or several days.

In addition to overnight accommodations and meeting spaces for both large and small groups, the Center also provides meals.

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Personal Retreat

A retreat at Heartland Center for Spirituality offers you a place of quiet, a prayer space and the opportunity to reflect and deepen your personal relationship with God. You will enjoy the opportunities to:

  • Withdraw from society to a quiet place for prayer, study, reflection and meditation.
  • Enjoy a special time of solitude and silence to foster spiritual refreshment, renewal and growth.
  • Reflect  in nature while strolling through the gardens, sitting by the pond, visiting our outdoor stations of the cross or sitting in silence in the many sacred places on our spacious grounds.

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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction encourages you to explore a closer relationship with God. In the midst of your busy life it is often difficult to notice God’s action in your daily affairs. Yet you long to know God’s presence and love.

In spiritual direction you reflect deeply on the experiences of your daily life. Gradually you may come to realize how God’s spirit is with you every day and everywhere. You discover that while you are seeking God, God has already been seeking you.

During your sessions you will be encouraged to pay attention to your experiences and to God’s nudges and leadings. You can expect a spiritual director to listen attentively and ask reflective questions. God is always the ultimate director.

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Looking for a good presenter for a lecture, workshop or group retreat?

We can provide programs at the Center or at your facility. Fees are as follows:

  • Presenter fee – $100 per hour for groups (Maximum fee – $300 per day)
  • Travel fee is the current rate per mile fee (eg. 50 cents or so) or air ticket

To inquire about having a staff member present a lecture or workshop for your group e-mail us at office@heartlandspirituality.org