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RCIA Kansas!  Celebrating the Rites!

RCIA Rites & Rituals…

 A morning cup of coffee soon after waking up may mark the beginning of a new day.

Year-after-year eating the identical Thanksgiving meal sandwiched between watching football reconnects family.

At the invitation of a couple, family, friends, bosses and coworkers all become equal participants in the celebration of their marriage.

Rituals are powerful!  Some huge like weddings.  Some small like a cup of coffee. Some involving family; others strangers.  Rites mark time, highlight change, and most of all, connect us here and beyond.

RCIA rituals mark key times along the candidates’ journey; highlight changes that the Spirit alone can work; connect in holy communion all called to mission with purpose.

The faithful are the primary ministers in these rites. When the rites are celebrated with style and grace, the faithful and the candidates receive the Spirit of Jesus. Participants in RCIA KANSAS 2019! will study and experience the RCIA rites; seek better understanding of the focus and goal of each rite; be equipped to go forth celebrating them with the people of their parish.

Class Dates:  Fri., March 22 and Sat., March 23

Begins with Registration Friday 4:00 p.m. ends Saturday after lunch 

Location:  Heartland Center for Spirituality

                  3600 Broadway, Great Bend, KS

Cost:      $22.00 commuter

Additional $50.00 for 1 hr. college credit – contact Coleen at or 620-227-1538

Personal enrichment fee is included with your payment to Heartland Center for Spirituality.

To register please fill out registration form and click on submit. .  Please note that payments will show up on your statement as Dominican Sisters of Peace.

Hotels in the area are:  Best Western Angus Inn 620-792-3541, Comfort Inn 620-793-9000 and Holiday Inn Express and Suites 620-603-6565.

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RCIA Kansas! Celebrating the Rites!