Prayer Resources


During this crisis we often feel powerless.  Perhaps this feeling is one of the best invitations to pray.  Prayer is how we actively practice believing.  Prayer is where we let God know our worries and concerns and where we give praise and thanksgiving for the many ways that he has blessed us.

This crisis has created an opportunity to slow down and spend more time with Christ.  It provides an opportunity to create a prayer space, no matter how small, in your home.  This space will remind you and your family members of God’s presence at all times.  You can simply place a candle, cross, bible or other object on a piece of cloth to designate this special place in your home.  You can post notes, prayers, petitions, and inspirational sayings.  Invite family members to use the space daily, by themselves or as a family.

The ideas can be endless – the challenge is to set up the space and use it.  We will continue to add resources to this page that you can use to enrich your prayer life and share with your family as we face the worry and concerns of this crisis together as a community of faith.  We at Heartland Center for Spirituality will continue to pray for Christ to bring us patience and hope as we place our trust in him.  If you have any prayer requests for our staff please click here to submit.

Taize Prayer uses music to guide your spirit to silence and divine contemplation.
Lectio Divina, “divine reading” is a way to connect with God’s word through prayer.  It is sometimes described as reading scripture with the “ear of the heart.”
This may be the perfect time to plan an At-Home Retreat.


Another resource created by our staff is a COVID-19 resource page.  Click here to visit.

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