Preached Retreats

Save the Date for these Preached Retreats

June 21-26, 2020

Brian Pierce, OP and Megan McElroy, OP

In the context of the Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharist, we will listen to the Word and break open it’s message for us, taking time to dive into the mystery that awaits us.  In the evening, we’ll gather to share echoes of the Word given to each participant.

May 23-29, 2021


Sr. Melannie Svoboda has been a Sister of Notre Dame of Chardon, OH for over 50 years. During that time she has served as a high school and college teacher, novice director, and provincial (president) of her congregation. She also ministered in the Jesuit novitiate in De-troit for six years. Currently she writes and gives talks and retreats nationally. A free-lance writer, her articles have appeared in numerous

publications including America, Catholic Digest, National Catholic Reporter, Liguorian, Living Faith, Review for Religious, and Country Woman.  She is also the author of thirteen books including Traits of a Healthy Spirituality; When the Rain Speaks: Celebrating God’s Presence in Nature; With the Dawn Rejoicing: A Christian Perspective on Pain and Suffering; Just Because; When the Blue Heron Flies; The Lord Is My Shepherd (Twenty-Third Publications); and Gracious Goodness (Loyola Press) and Gospels on the Go (NCEA). Her favorite pastimes include walking, reading, listening to music, conversing with friends, working crossword and sudoku puzzles, playing Scrabble, and cheering on her beloved Cleveland teams.