Advent Retreat



Saturday December 5, 2020   9:00 a.m. – Noon         (via Zoom)



Presenters:  Sr. Rose Mary Stein and Emily Scheck
Native American Tradition Story will be presented by the youth group under the direction of Emma Showalter.
Fee: $35
Every year in Advent the old stories come round again and again.  We are called to listen afresh, wide-eyed, hopeful.  Jews believed that the history of the world is the stories of God coming true.  We Christians believe that these stories proclaimed every Sunday are the stories of God.  During this presentation you will hear the tradition story of Native American  revealing belief in light, hope, the continuance of creation, and the intercommunion of all that is made, and the meaning of certain creatures in the world.

We will also hear the Christian Story from the Gospel of Luke how light came into the world.