Lenten Retreat

A morning of prayer and reflection

Saturday February 27, 2021         

9 a.m. to Noon Central Time                                                                                                              

Presented by: Sr. Francine Schwarzenberger, Marcia Berchek, Philip St. Romain                                                                                        

Cost:  $35 

Lent is considered a penitential season in the Church, meaning that it is a time when we undertake disciplines that can help us grow closer to God and one another in love. Through times of prayer, silent reflection, and sharing, we will come to a deeper sense of how God is calling each of us to “let go” of obstacles to loving, and “let God” in our lives. The traditional Lenten practices for doing so are prayer, fasting and almsgiving, or acts of charity, and our three presenters will each focus on one of these emphases. 

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